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Welcome to EH Property Management!








Full Service Property Management


EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is an all inclusive firm capable of relieving all of your real estate investment headaches.


We can provide you with a level of service that greatly relieves you from the hassles and headaches of owning rental properties, therefore, allowing you to increase your real estate holdings and overall financial future. We have a thorough

Screening /approval process for potential tenants. We work to find tenants that can match your monthly income needs. Our knowledgeable staff has the expertise in working with Section 8, processing evictions, going to court on our owner´s behalf and staying in tune with the current rental market. We look forward to the possibility of working with you and your tenants in creating the best investment experience.

EXPERIENCE- EH REALTY INVESTMENT & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has been conducting business in the Greater Sacramento/Stockton/Tracy/Antioch/Concord Area. A member of the Sacramento Association of Realtors (SAR), a member of the California Association of Realtors (CAR), National Association of Realtors (NAR), and Nor Cal Rental Property Association (NCRPA). We have several property managers with extensive experience in the property management field.

STAFF-EH REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has several Property Managers who handle the day-to-day operations of our rental properties as well as filling the vacant units with qualified tenants.


We currently manage:

  • Single-Family Residences
  • Triplexes
  • Four-plexes
  • Duplexes
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Commercials


Required initial setup fees for each unit may very

depend on area and quantity of property


VACANCIES- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT requires any tenant that is vacating a property to submit a 30-day notice of intent to vacate in writing. After the notice of intent is received we would then send you a copy of the notice to let you know what is transpiring at your income property. When the tenant moves out, we perform a walk through inspection and make a list of all repairs that are needed; Paint, cleaning, new carpets, etc. Any damages caused by the tenant will be taken out of their deposit. The property managers regularly drive by vacant properties to make sure that the unit is secure, no damage is being caused, the lawns are watered, show the property to prospective tenants, and meet and or provide maintenance persons with access to the unit.

TENANT SCREENING- The following is the tenant screening process:

The process begins after the tenant turns in an application to rent.

  • Credit history
  • Criminal background check
  • Income verification
  • Rental history
  • Prior eviction actions
  • Employment verification

LEASES- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT recommends a one-year lease on all properties. However, we do provide service which best meets the owner´s needs. If an owner would rather secure a 6-month or a month-to month lease, we are more than happy to accommodate this request. The reasoning behind a year lease being signed is to avoid turning a unit and have a renter move out two months later and have to turn the unit over again. We ask for an equal value amount of a deposit on each property. Deposit amounts are negotiable as well.

PAYMENTS- Tenants may pay rent via US postal mail (rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after the 3th). Owners may receive funds by US postal mail or via direct deposit.

Owner funds are dispersed between the 10th and 15th of each month. Owners receive a 1099 form or income statement at the end of each year for tax preparation.

MAINTENANCE- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has a broad list of vendors for all types of maintenance issues. Authorization for any repair over the amount of $100.00 is required owner approval. If there are vendors that an owner would rather use, we would be more than happy to do so. When a tenant calls in a work order we send out a vendor for that problem as soon as possible. We try to get the work performed within 24 hours of the call. For emergencies, each property manager has an emergency cell phone that is always operating. Property managers can be reached 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays included. We do try and perform preventative maintenance, which includes keeping rain gutters clear and reminding tenants to change air filters. If the tenant causes the issue, for example a backed up toilet due to a child´s toy, the tenant would be charged for that bill.

COLLECTIONS- At the time the tenant moves out, if he or she owes money to the owner, they are given one month to make payment arrangements on the balance owed. If they fail to make payments or choose not to make payment arrangements, they can be sent to our collection agency for a fee of 35% (to be paid once funds have been received from Collection Company). If the tenant has been evicted, the judgment immediately reports to their credit history. We can garnish wages with a court ordered judgment only.

EVICTIONS- When a tenant is to be evicted, all needed documents are sent to our Eviction Attorney. He or she then serves the tenant with the needed notices to continue this action. For a complete eviction charged from $695.00 & up case by case this is if the eviction follows through completely and the tenants are removed from the premises. If the eviction is stopped in the middle of the process, the charges will vary. The tenant is responsible for all legal costs.

ADVERTISING- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has several types of free advertising methods.our company website located at www.EhRealtyInvestment.com has post up to date vacancies listat all times and receives the majority of our traffic on reantal inquiries. All vacant properties are placed on additional advertising websites, such as hotpads.com, zillow.com, and Craigslist.org, plus many, many more. Signage is placed in front of all vacant properties to generate interest. We prefer to advertise in the Penny Saver or local news paper for a small charge by running weekly ads for vacant properties if properties are having a harder time being filled. We try and help each and every person find what he or she desires. We take full advantage of our large client base and excellent reputation, as word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools available.

REPORTS- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT used the property management software system called Rentac direct.

Our reports are sent out monthly or quarterly (preferably via e-mail) to our owners Reports include, expense report and owner statements. We are also able to include rent rolls, vacancy reports, delinquency reports, and pretty much any other report you could possibly want! Our goal at is to service every one of our owners needs as their management company and to provide top notch customer service.

INSPECTION- EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT We also provides property inspections. This gives the owner the chance to view the property to ensure that it is being kept in good standing condition. fees may apply.....

We also have a $125. charge for all city inspections if our owners have us go out to. For Some city inspections are now mandatory all rental properties once a year.

CONCLUSION -Here at EH.REALTY INVESTMENT/PROPERTY MANAGEMENT we would love to provide you with the service and professionalism you deserve in a Property Management Company. Please give us a call or email us with any inquires you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!